join us at fire within retreat

Fri June 29 - Sun July 1

Join us at Fire Within, a retreat to play in nature... we'll take pause, to find peace. We'll connect with ourselves, with one another, and most importantly, with the Fire Within each of us. Join your hosts Cassidy and Natalia for a weekend of fun, self-reflection, connection and more!

Experience Beautiful Muskoka

LOCATION: Woodfield Muskoka, a 500-acre wilderness campus designed to strengthen your connection to nature, the people around you & ultimately yourself. Woodfield is situated in a lush valley of central Muskoka, surrounded by trees, hills, pastures, water, and various wildlife.

VENUE: Includes lodges, yurts, teepees, therapeutic animals, bonfire pits, hike/run/bike trail, and more.

All-Inclusive Package

- All meals, with healthy food from organic farm or local to Muskoka region
- Meditation
- Tai chi
- Sound healing
- Reiki
- Thai yoga massages
- Burning bowl ceremonies around the campfire
- Swimming in a nearby waterfall
- Visiting a therapeutic animal park
- Hiking, running and biking trails
- Football, soccer, hula hoop, or whatever games/movement feel good to you!
- Jam session - bring your drums, hands, instruments and more
- Opportunities to co-create the magic
- Surprises....!



Each deluxe Element Lodge includes 4 individually tented bedrooms, 2 wrap around-porches, 2 washrooms, a kitchen with premium quality appliances, dining area, lounge, fireplace, and patio.

Designed with the elements of nature in mind, each lodge is uniquely built with hemlock wood (local to the region) and a high attention to detail. Each bedroom includes a handmade bunk bed design, with 2 queen-sized premium mattresses, pillow and duvets. 

Local Attractions

Skeleton Lake Waterfalls, Public Beach Area, Port Carling Waterfront Village, Grand Electric and Frankie's Surf Club, Muskoka Brewery, Historical Lake Rosseau Village, Three Mile Lake, and more!


Rooms can be shared between anywhere from 2-3 people. The cost per person is $500, all-inclusive, for three days/two nights (before Eventbrite fees). 

If you prefer to e-transfer your payment in order to avoid paying Eventbrite fees, please send to with e-transfer password FIREWITHIN. Payment plans are available upon request.

If you wish to attend solo, and would like to be matched up with roommate(s), please email


If you would like to offer to host a workshop during the retreat, kindly email your workshop proposal to For any workshops which fit the agenda, $30 will be credited to the workshop leader.

There's No Time like the Present - Register Today

Registration can be done via Eventbrite, or by e-transferring a $300 deposit to



Please email us at

xo, Cassidy and Natalia

About Your Hosts


Cassidy is a meditation teacher, nature lover, reiki level 1 practitioner, and campfire enthusiast.  

Ask her about her travels to Bali, India, Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Sayulita and other places of spiritual intrigue.

She'll often remind you to "allow yourself to be here, now."


We women are amazing! We have high powered careers and businesses, terrific partners, lots of exciting friends, beautiful homes and are financially savvy. But there’s so much more to the story. We are so focussed on getting the job done that we rarely ever take the time to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. There’s nothing sexy about being busy every single moment of they day. 

What women must understand is that constant productivity numbs the sensual self and sensuality (in other words deep presence) is the source of women’s pleasure, power and profit. How sensual a woman is plays a key role in her overall ability to derive pleasure from life as a whole.

I help high performing women who feel burnout from the pressures and demands of daily life reconnect with their sensuality, sense of aliveness and power by looking at and redefining their relationship to pleasure in general.


Please email us if you have an idea for a workshop or class to host during the retreat.