Meditation Topics

Themes have included:


Acceptance (Calii Love series)

Animal Flow (Mind the Taps WellTODo Canada event at Henderson Brewery)

Anxiety Relief (Woodfield Wednesday’s Series at the Local on Ossington, Lululemon Men’s Concept Store)

Awareness (POWER DOWN Meditation with Kit & Ace)

Bliss (Calii Love series)

Body Scan (Supernacular Retreat)

Breathe (Calii Love series)

Connecting with our True Nature (Woodfield)

Conscious Courage Awareness (POWER DOWN Meditation with Kit & Ace)

Courage (Calii Love series)

Crafting Your Own Mantra (BRIKA Workshop)

Creating More Time (Calii Love series)

Creating Space, Building Focus (POWER DOWN Meditation with Kit & Ace)

Creativity (Calii Love series)

Creativity (Outdoor Studio Event)

Developing Intuition (Calii Love series)

Embracing Change (Calii Love series)

Equanimity (Calii Love series)

Flow & Transform Yoga & Meditation with Cassidy and Emily Elliot (Downward Dog series)

Forgiveness (Calii Love series)

Healing (Calii Love series)

How to Meditate on the Streetcar – Everyday Mindfulness (Lululemon workshop)

Increasing Energy (Calii Love series)

Intention Setting

Intro to Meditation (Titika Active Couture)

Intuition (Lululemon)

Joy (Calii Love series)

Love (Calii Love series)

Loving-Kindness (Calii Love series)

Manifestation (Calii Love series)

Meditation 101 (Titika class)

Meditation for Health (West NH Health Promotion and Education Program)

Mindful Eating (Embiria presents BALANCE: Meditation, Mindfulness + Eats)

Mindful Meditation (eBay Staff Meditation)

Muse Headbands Meditation (Calii Love, Lululemon)

Nurturing Intuition (lululemon Workshop)

Patience (Calii Love series)

Peace (Calii Love series)

Presence (Calii Love series)

Reiki & Release with Cassidy and Sara Moncrieff (The Drake Hotel workshop)

Relaxation (Calii Love series)

Release (Camp Reset)

Release & Receive (Lululemon workshop)

Resilience (Calii Love series)

Resilience & Motivation (POWER DOWN Meditation with Kit & Ace)

Self-Love (Calii Love series)

Self-Love (Lululemon)

Sound Healing, Reiki & Healing Meditation with Cassidy and Alexandria Luciana (Lululemon workshop)

Stress Relief (Glory Hole Doughnuts)

Stress Relief & Improved Sleep (Lululemon workshop)

Trust (Calii Love series)

Vision-Boarding and Manifestation (Michaels workshop)

World Peace (POWER DOWN Meditation with Kit & Ace)

We are open to new themes and suggestions!

Let us customize a class or workshop for you today.